Saturday, January 9, 2010

So, here it begins

Today is my first yoga class at Balanced Yoga in Clintonville. I am having some anxiety because I have never taken a yoga class with strangers. So there it is. I am in my thirties and I have first-day-of-school-in-a-new-town anxiety. I also have a nice pimple to go along with my adolescent worries.

My friends made it safely to England. They are getting keys to their new flat and shopping for a bed now. I have never been to England. I will go soon. Maybe this summer. So far this is reading like ajournal, which is not exactly what I envisioned, but bear with me.

I cook pretty much every day. Yesterday, I ate out three meals—all very delicious. Breakfast was eggs, over easy, and soupy black beans with a grilled tortilla from the cafĂ© at work. The meal felt like a hug from a Mexican grandmother that I always wanted but don’t have. Lunch was Ha Long Bay on Sancus. I had chicken pho and fresh spring rolls. The place is very spruce and bright. The food was clean and comforting—perfect for a snowy, cold winter day. My final meal was from the Indian place at the North Market—also very good and similarly comforting.
Today, I am making dinner for a friend. What am I making? Good question…I haven’t figured that out yet. I will let you know tomorrow.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010 Resolutions

1. be mindful (especially when eating, cooking, and moving)
2. learn marriage skills
3. read about happiness and self-improvement
4. learn yoga
5. practice writing every day
6. take in what I read and apply what is useful (right away)
7. figure out what to do with pomegranates

This blog is dedicated to the fulfillment of my first and fifth resolutions for 2010. I hope to touch on all of my 2010 resolutions over the course of the next year in this blog. I have never written a blog before so please forgive my digressions, tangents, and unsophisticated, novice blogger tendencies. My intentions are good. I am writing to myself and to an imaginary audience (are you out there? are you reading this?) and to my friends Ben and Michelle who are newly transplanted from Columbus, Ohio to the UK. Any questions?