Saturday, January 9, 2010

So, here it begins

Today is my first yoga class at Balanced Yoga in Clintonville. I am having some anxiety because I have never taken a yoga class with strangers. So there it is. I am in my thirties and I have first-day-of-school-in-a-new-town anxiety. I also have a nice pimple to go along with my adolescent worries.

My friends made it safely to England. They are getting keys to their new flat and shopping for a bed now. I have never been to England. I will go soon. Maybe this summer. So far this is reading like ajournal, which is not exactly what I envisioned, but bear with me.

I cook pretty much every day. Yesterday, I ate out three meals—all very delicious. Breakfast was eggs, over easy, and soupy black beans with a grilled tortilla from the cafĂ© at work. The meal felt like a hug from a Mexican grandmother that I always wanted but don’t have. Lunch was Ha Long Bay on Sancus. I had chicken pho and fresh spring rolls. The place is very spruce and bright. The food was clean and comforting—perfect for a snowy, cold winter day. My final meal was from the Indian place at the North Market—also very good and similarly comforting.
Today, I am making dinner for a friend. What am I making? Good question…I haven’t figured that out yet. I will let you know tomorrow.

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