Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'm a Loser Baby

Ah, procrastination, you old friend, where have you been hiding? Wow. I can do a whole lot of nothing sometimes. I can blame it on never having downtime. I can blame it on having so much to do all the time that I have to goof off once in a while. I can blame it on the rain. But there it is. What have I accomplished all day? Zip, zero, nada.

Sometimes I have so much to do that the only thing I want to do is listen to music, ignore the baby, drink tea, and read the Internet. Who needs to clean the house? Not me. What about laundry? Nope. Menu planning? I'll starve. Freelance project? But I did so much yesterday. Kiss my husband? Maybe, but will he clean the house?
Back to work, slave, back to work!

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