Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday List (a manifesto of NOTs)

1. I will not be a slave to all organic unbleached cotton blankets and wooden toys. Wooden toys are effing boring!
2. I will not be a perfect mother.
3. I will not make all of my baby’s food (once she starts eating food.) I will make boiled sweet potatoes, mashed bananas, mashed avocados, etc.
4. I will not not yell at times. I will express my anger and frustration as kindly as possible. I want S to know that I am human and have emotions.
5. I will not use cloth diapers.
6. I will not sell our TV. S can watch some TV. She will use the computer too and I am sure have a cell phone. We are not Amish.
7. I will not make friends with people just because they have a baby my baby’s age, size, sex, or because we have the same pediatrician, go to the same park, or day care, or because we shop at Whole Foods, or Trader Joes, or happen to both go to the farmers markets. I do not have a lot of time for new friends (or sadly, for my old friends who I miss so, so much.)
8. I will not ever stop missing the days when it was just me.
9. I will not ever stop missing the days when it was just me and D.
10. I will not ever stop loving my little girl.
11. I am not sorry. I am not sorry that I had her. I am not sorry that this is my life. I love myself. I love my life. I love my baby and my husband and my fat cat.

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  1. I love this list. The last three or four items on it made me want to stand up and cheer, and then I cried a little bit. I think you struck a chord.