Tuesday, March 29, 2011

List of things I love about myself (an exercise suggested by a self-help book I am reading.) This is really hard. You should try it:

1. I am funny. I crack myself up. I make D and the baby laugh. Even Catface chuckles from time to time.
2. I have a nice, friendly, big smile.
3. I am mostly optimistic and in general happy. I like moving on. I dislike grudges and like to forgive and forget.
4. I like my hands. Yes, they are huge, and slightly masculine, and dry and cracked and ugly, but I like them. My hands are strong and expressive. My hands are trustworthy.
5. I am a good mom (so far.) I like my kid and playing and being strong for her and helping her eat, and go to sleep (even when she doesn’t want to but is so tired that she is falling over). I enjoy her.
6. I am better at yoga than I think, than I admit. I am strong at yoga. I like my body when I am doing yoga.
7. I am a good friend. My loyalty and ability to forgive makes me a good friend. I have learned in the last 5 years, how to let people love me too, which also makes me a better friend. Not so one-sided, less competitive.
8. I am not competitive (which I say is a plus, something good about me.) My push and drive comes from myself, from inside; I do not look to others to set my bar—I set my own goals. (That’s why this whole weird mommy competition was so foreign to me. Thankfully, that’s over for now.)
9. I do not care much what others think of me. I am good at being myself. I am not sorry. Here I am. This is me. Like it or leave it.
10. I have cute toes and strong feet.
11. I am a really good cook. I love food and cooking. Cooking is my love language; I cook therefore I am, etc.
12. I am generous. I am generous with money and gifts and love and I read people as generously as possible (except when driving. Everyone is a stupid asshole when I am driving.)
13. I am an exceptional driver. Safe, efficient, and conscientious.

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