Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Truths etc

-browning meat before you stew it or slow-cook it adds 10 times more flavor (that is not a scientific measurement of flavor)
- quick pasta sauce: on low heat cream goat cheese into freshly-strained pasta, add canned tomatoes (diced or cut them yourself) with a little tomato juice (from the can) to make a sauce. Add a little bit of minced fresh garlic and salt well. (“Cream” is used as a verb above…it means “to break into, or break down”) I make this often with sautéed veg (whatever you have around, red peppers work nicely) and sliced, grilled sausage
- high heat is good for cooking. High heat over time equals burning.

- if you get into a cooking rut—making the same 6 dishes every week, buy a cooking magazine, and plan, yes, PLAN, a menu making one new recipe each day. It’s fun and helps you get out of the rut. This week I made:

1. pea and spinach risotto with mini pita pizzas with roasted red pepper sauce and fresh mozz
2. poached, shredded chicken with French lentils and kale
3. roasted chipotle rubbed pork tender loin with black bean salad
4. shrimp, leek, and spinach linguine with lemon sauce
haven't made yet but, 5. coconut, chocolate chip, oooey gooey bars? if I have time

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