Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mixed Truths and Some Lies

- it sucks not to be able to cook. Baby S is very, very demanding right now. Less cooking more carrying out.

- frozen vegetables are ok. I like frozen creamed spinach very much. Also, frozen turnip greens are delicious. Frozen mixed veges are nice to add to a quick soup. Frozen corn is delicious pureed in soups as a thickener.
- slow-cooker. Slow cookers save lives. I am making slow-cooker chicken thighs in tomatoes and garlic for dinner tonight. It beats having Wendy's again.
- there is no such thing as baby-proofing. Just saying.
- a little bit of dark chocolate goes a long way for the soul, the tired, aching, dirty old soul.
- cold coffee really sucks. I rarely get hot coffee anymore. Microwaved coffee is wrong, just wrong.

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