Monday, May 2, 2011

Sleep training and other myths of parenthood

There is no such thing as sleep training. People lie about it all the time. That or they have nice little babies that have the right temperament for sleep training. My baby says, “No effing way Mom—if that is your real name—I am not sleeping just because you want me to. Forget it! Hold me or I will scream!! DO it now!”

None of the sleep training books or blogs or info on the web says what to do if your baby screams (not cries, not fusses, not whines but screams) for 2 hours while you are supposed to be sleep training. Baby S will go from lying in her crib to all-fours to sitting up screaming. She can sit there and scream indefinitely. So what should I do? How can I comfort her? She is not hungry. Not thirsty. Does not need to be changed. She is exhausted. What can I do?

Two hours is a really long time at 2 am.

Signed, slightly defeated.



  1. I feel ya. That's all I got.

  2. I'm not looking forward to this. :)

  3. This is what I meant: