Friday, June 3, 2011

Birds of America

Yesterday my sister-in-law came up with a great idea for a business. One that she thought--correctly—that I would be interested in. My major objection to starting a business or working in general is that I won’t have time to write. Since I had S, writing has once again become a lifeline for me—Write or Die. So, in an attempt to focus my writing a little bit, I have decided to spend the next amount of time (not sure how long) working on some writing goals. I may or may not share all of them here. Just wanted to write this out-loud, put it out there for accountability’s sake.

I’ve started by re-reading Bird by Bird. I have been reminded thus far to start writing from the beginning—revisit childhood memories, to get the out, I suppose. I didn’t really do this in college writing classes, so now is the time. Also, once you have a kid, childhood memories come flooded back into your mind…songs, dance moves, more songs, snacks-both loved and hated-people, games, general feelings about times of day and movies watched, etc.

In BbyB, I was also reminded to start small (to attack my work (book?) one subject, one inch at a time—or bird by bird if I were like Lamott’s brother who waited until the last minute to write a huge report on all the birds in North America—Lamott’s father told the boy to start writing “bird by bird”—i.e., not to get overwhelmed by the whole story, just start writing, start small, start somewhere.

Some of these exercises might be reflected here. I have noticed that I am not writing fiction. I am writing memoire mostly, although right now, I am writing memory, which is not quite memoire yet….

I would love to start a business with my sister-in-law. I wish I could do that, stay at home with S, writing beautiful memoires and still have time to cook and eat and spend time with my husband. I am just not sure that I am that organized. Wait, let me rephrase, I am sure that I am not that organized. Maybe…

Bird by bird.

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