Friday, July 15, 2011

Tell Me Something Good

3 to 5 Year Plan
1.      Get a good job, a job where I can contribute my talents and skills (and the things that make me special) and where my contributions are valued. I want a juicy job that I can really love, sink my teeth into, and dedicate myself to. I am ready.
2.      Do more yoga. Build a daily practice.
3.      Look into taking yoga teacher training. And maybe take teacher training, even though I may never want to teach.
4.      Write more. Blog more, work on short stories, write poems and essays.
5.      Revel in my daughter (almost 1 already!!!) and my family. Make time, plan specific events and outings that will make memories and bring us more joy.
6.      Pay off all credit cards, student loans, and car payments. Buy a house. Build a new garden. Eat salads from my garden.
7.      Learn to can. Must to do this!
8.      Read more. Starting with anatomy books and the history of yoga.
9.      Seek out new music. Build playlists for S. Dance and sing, clap and shake, love music, live in music.
10.  More joy, less worry.

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