Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Good Ol' Steve Martin

Well, I read his newest novel and it was okay. Mostly a fun read, nothing serious. One cool thing about the book (maybe it's called Object of Desire?)--it outlines the history of the American art market for 10+ years. I learned some things. Made me think a little. Not high quality or "art"--yes, I know--but worth thumbing through.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Some Truths, Because It Has Been Awhile

- Frozen pre-cooked rice is good and fast. Trader Joes has brown, white, and jasmine.
- Having a kid is cool because I get to eat Goldfish, Cheerios, chocolate pudding cups, applesauce, and Mandarin oranges.
- I am testing out frozen pizzas. I like Kroger's Private Selection fancy "flatbreads" the best so far. Please let me know if you have suggestions.
- How to make a fun sundae: vanilla ice cream with
--- graham crackers, chocolate pudding, whipped cream
--- peanuts, a little left-over coffee, and some chocolate crumbles
--- pineapple chunks (from a  can), whipped cream, and some pretzels
--- pretzels are always good on vanilla ice cream, with or without peanut butter and hot fudge

Friday, January 13, 2012

Listy List

1. I would like to work at Starbucks some time in my life. No rush.
2. Make better oatmeal.
3. Learn to sew. 
4. Join a Flashmob (does anyone still do this?)
5. Join a book club.
6. Take a dance class. 
7. Act in a play.
8. Go skiing and snow hiking--I miss skiing. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

New Design: The Dream

So, the dream is that I am swimming in an idyllic river. Then, the river changes into a murky, muddy, gross, debris-filled swamp. I am sinking into the swamp and starting to swallow water. Drowning. Bring on the rattlesnakes. Piles of thick, gross, fat, muscular, rattlesnakes are poised to attack me from the riverbanks. Isn’t it enough that I am drowning already?

Anyone seen Freud recently? I thought not.  

Friday, January 6, 2012

Duck, Duck, Goose

Let me articulate this…I run because I can. Some people cannot. I work for the same reasons. I can. I found a great job. I am blessed.  Blessings first.

The nature of my job has changed overnight. The tasks are mostly the same albeit more of the same, but the environment is now stark and harsh and ugly. The most challenging parts of my job (of which there are many) used to be balanced by an awesome team, by structural and intellectual support and encouragement, but that support, that team is gone. Now, my job is just hard and mostly unrewarding and there is no praise or help or support or camaraderie; just work, too much of it, there to hand over to no one (but yet…there are deadlines?)  We have been abandoned. Business is so personal. This will test my metals.

I can weather the storm. I do feel like the wind-blown duckling—tumbling, tumbling, rolling into the sewer grate.  I am going through the stages of loss, of grief, of heartache. Silly girl, I know…who gets upset over a change in your job—your job that you have had for a mere 6 months? I really give a shit about my work and my job and the people I work with.  I care. We lost our leader. We are un-led.

I am made of greatness. Remind me of that later, when it all gets too big and when I feel small, smaller than the smallest duckling looking for a way to swim out of the sewage. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pom Poms

These are beautiful tissue paper poms that we made for Baby S's birthday. You accordion-fold tissue paper, then secure in the middle with a rubber band or heavy tape, then open the tissue into a ball from both sides of the secured middle. They are really beautiful. And if Babycakes destroys them, no biggie.

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 The Resolution-Free Year

I did keep my resolutions from last year. Well, mostly. I have taken better care of my skin. I have made an effort to cook more although I find cooking more challenging than ever with S being the age that she is...she hates when my attention is not on her. And since she is the center of the universe in this house, she wins more of the time than not. Cooking be damned if necessary.

This year I resolve to not make resolutions.

I do want to lose weight and go to the gym more and spend more time with my husband and enjoy play time with Sunshine. Also, I would like to slay at my job and get a raise and look fantastic at work every day.

All we have in this life are people and connections. There really is nothing else. I want to spend more time writing letters to Michelle and talking to Megan on the phone and seeing Rach and baby Dylan and the rest of the girls that I love so dear. It would be super to see the Austin Darbys this year and spend some time with my niece. Also, my mom and I did some Zumba this year, but it wasn't really her thing...maybe we can find something new to do together once a month or something (every week was too much of a commitment--we are too busy and tired to keep that up.)

Another non-resolution for this year is to pay off debts and save some money. My credit cards are going away.