Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 The Resolution-Free Year

I did keep my resolutions from last year. Well, mostly. I have taken better care of my skin. I have made an effort to cook more although I find cooking more challenging than ever with S being the age that she is...she hates when my attention is not on her. And since she is the center of the universe in this house, she wins more of the time than not. Cooking be damned if necessary.

This year I resolve to not make resolutions.

I do want to lose weight and go to the gym more and spend more time with my husband and enjoy play time with Sunshine. Also, I would like to slay at my job and get a raise and look fantastic at work every day.

All we have in this life are people and connections. There really is nothing else. I want to spend more time writing letters to Michelle and talking to Megan on the phone and seeing Rach and baby Dylan and the rest of the girls that I love so dear. It would be super to see the Austin Darbys this year and spend some time with my niece. Also, my mom and I did some Zumba this year, but it wasn't really her thing...maybe we can find something new to do together once a month or something (every week was too much of a commitment--we are too busy and tired to keep that up.)

Another non-resolution for this year is to pay off debts and save some money. My credit cards are going away.

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