Monday, January 16, 2012

Some Truths, Because It Has Been Awhile

- Frozen pre-cooked rice is good and fast. Trader Joes has brown, white, and jasmine.
- Having a kid is cool because I get to eat Goldfish, Cheerios, chocolate pudding cups, applesauce, and Mandarin oranges.
- I am testing out frozen pizzas. I like Kroger's Private Selection fancy "flatbreads" the best so far. Please let me know if you have suggestions.
- How to make a fun sundae: vanilla ice cream with
--- graham crackers, chocolate pudding, whipped cream
--- peanuts, a little left-over coffee, and some chocolate crumbles
--- pineapple chunks (from a  can), whipped cream, and some pretzels
--- pretzels are always good on vanilla ice cream, with or without peanut butter and hot fudge


  1. I like the Newman's organic pizzas and the Kashi roasted vegetable pizzas. And of course, ZZZPizza!!

  2. I will try the Newman's. I like having them on hand. Thanks for the tips.