Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Another One Bites the Dust

Little S is biting again. If only we could all bite the shit out of people that frustrate or anger us. It’s a very clear message.

I feel terrible of course, that my little daughter is being so aggressive and feels frustrated with her limited toddler vocabulary. I'm upset by her behavior—for her friends, the ones that receive bites and for her baby-self, the little self in there that can’t find a better way (yet) to communicate. She has been bitten before. And that stinks. But emotionally for me, it is much worse when she is the aggressor.

I am certain that she learns to be frustrated and unable to communicate her anger/jealously/territorial pissing from me. Little S’s mama is also having a hard time communicating anger/jealousy/territory. I have no doubt that she must sense me struggling with this life that we share with her. S being so astute and emotive and intelligent, nothing is beyond her notice.

The apple and the tree. 

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