Friday, April 6, 2012

Fandango! When is good not good enough?

I like my new shrink. She is smart and gets it. I don’t need much, just someone to check me when I forget to say how I feel (not just what I think) and someone to ask me questions to make me talk about things that I would rather not think about. Done and done.

So, what if I am trying to get orange juice from an apple? Some days I just want to be Beatrix Kiddo and put on a tight yellow ninja-biker suit and get my Hanzo sword and divide people in to halves. One half for you, one half for me.

Other days I want to be a silent and stern librarian—behind a desk full of judgment and smarts and unflinching coolness, where I have all the answers and authority and fearlessness. A place where I own my realm/helm/universe--where it's all mine and I don't have to cower or fear or worry. 

Now for dental work, yikes--pits and hands are starting to sweat. 

More on "Fandango!" coming soon. 

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