Sunday, May 13, 2012

I can’t write about MCA. I am not ready yet.

The first time I heard Beastie Boys was at my cousins’ grandma Shirley’s house on Pauline Ave. It was spring or early summer of 1987. We were hanging out and Angy and Tony were fighting on the couch and I was standing behind them waiting for them to stop so I could sit down and watch MTV. Then we heard “Kick it! [guitar, drums, bass] You wake up late for school man don’t wanna go…” and we all stopped and stared. It was like, “Whoa, what is that?!!?” Once the lyrics sunk in, we were hooked…The Beasties were so crazy, and fun, and yeah! Eff school! It sucks to be a kid, parents are LAME! We just want to skate and have fun. That record defined our summer that year. 

It wasn’t two days before we badgered Aunt Melynnda into taking us to Buzzard’s Nest to get License to Ill (on cassette tape, of course.) We had to share it, so Angy dubbed me a copy. I was so happy to have it—she wasn’t always forthcoming about sharing music. As happy as I was to have the newest, craziest music out there, I was also embarrassed that I had a dubbed copy and not the real thing…I wanted the art to read and reread as I listened to “Paul Revere” and “Slow and Low” over and over again.

Eventually, I found the tape used at Singing Dog one Saturday a few months later. I was over the moon. Carried that tape around until two years ago-it still had the Singing Dog sticker on it stamped $3.75…I finally sold all of my tapes. Of course now I’m kicking myself. I carried it around for 25 years, why ditch it?

The last Beasties album I bought was The In Sound From Way Out. What a long way that record is from License To Ill. 

Ill Communication is easily on my top 25 records of all time list.  

I have stories about all that shit. Not ready yet. More to come. 

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