Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Japanese for S

Here is some stuff about Little S that I don't want to forget. She is 19 months old.
- Instead of saying "yes" or "yeah," she says "hai." My daughter speaks Japanese. "S, would you like a banana?" "Hai!" It's super adorable. She also says "hi" as a greeting, so she knows the difference, but it works for her and we get it so, why not speak Japanese?

- When she wants something from me or D, she uses the sweetest tone of voice, looks up at us all-wide-eyed and says "Mama?" with a raise of her voice and eyebrows and I say "Yes dear" and then she asks for or points to what she wants. She's a player for real.

-  She put on pants by herself last week. She was very proud and went to show her Dad---ta-da!

- She calls all soap and lotion and sunscreen "soap." She loves soap and likes to wash her hands. She also likes lotion and like to rub, rub, rub it on. Sometimes she rubs it on her pants. That's okay. 

- Her favorite song right now is "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" followed by "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" in a close second place. She also likes music with horns, trumpets, saxophones, etc. Soul is her thing. 

- Her neck under her chin is the most ticklish spot. She laughs and giggles and loves to be tickled. 

- S likes her toes and our toes. She is obsessed with shoes and feet and toes. She will shove her toes in your face and say "toess, Mama, toess." She wants you to kiss them or tickle them or wash them or play Little Piggies. She tries to put on her own shoes, but struggles so she puts on mine or D's since those are bigger and easier to navigate. The shoe obsession starts now...a true shoe girl, just like mama.  

- Outside is her favorite place right now. She loves to go "ouside mama, ouside mama." Every time she hears a bird she signs "bird" and says "twee, twee, twee.

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