Sunday, May 13, 2012

Like A Mother

I ordered a hanging basket for my mother for Mother’s Day—not an original gift, I know, but one that is appreciated in my family—we all love flowers and plants and digging around in the dirt, a trait that I’m convinced is more nature than nurture (more on the family history of dirt-loving later.)

So, my mother’s Mother’s Day basket never came. The gal I ordered it from, gave me some elaborate totally-bullshit-sounding story about it.  So it’s Mother’s Day and no basket, no flowers, no card. I am a bad, bad child.  

And now, to add a little more guilt, I am at work instead of playing ringaroundtherosie with my daughter. No gift for mom, no time to buy a gift, too little time to spend with my only child.

This year sucks.

I will get mom some flowers later today or this week, but boooohisss anyway. 

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