Thursday, May 10, 2012

Myself, Inside-Out for You

More near misses:

1. Had my first breast check. What I thought might be a lump is a pulled ligament. Doc said since I am losing weight, I need to buy new jog bras as I go along with the weight loss--more support, etc. Who knew that boobs had ligaments? Those ligaments BTW are what make those milk trucks perky, so strengthen those and you won’t sag. Being pregnant and nursing makes those ligaments stretch out and get flabby. Now you fucking tell me.

Bullet dodged. 

2. Title song. Writing a little riddle. How adorable, no?

3. I have a ton to write but I cannot luxuriate presently. More to come. I am not dead or gone nor have I forgotten. Still here. Just working your balls off. [being crude is sometimes a great and mighty release after smiling and nodding and working, restraining myself not to stand on the desk and scream "FUCK YOU!!" with fingers blazing. So for crudeness' and sanity's sake, balls, balls, balls, big, fat, hairy, crooked balls!] 

I am such a charmer. 

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