Sunday, June 3, 2012


This is my 100th blog post. It's funny that I don't have much to say. I think that's a good thing.

I had some fun this weekend. Some time with my family. Saw some friends, a little music, some dancing, some, food, I even watched some tv--shocking, right?

A small amount of peace and a little sunshine goes a long way with me. Work still sucks, but in 10 days I will be on vacation--and that's the fucking best--reading books, swimming, swimming to the swim up bar, sleeping, laughing, eating, dancing. VACATION.

So cheers to 100 blog posts that have run the gambit from dark, depressing, horrid emo purging angsty-bullshit to happy fun little poems about radishes. To another 100 posts and more.

Thanks for reading.

Here's the radish poem in case you missed it:

Radish, you spicy little onion you,
how you make a salad sing
with your peppery bite
hidden under your crimson sling
may you always reign supreme
and be so bold
to stand up to creamy dressings
and lettuce, oh so cold!
you are best sliced thin
smashed into an avocado
on crunchy toast with watercress
standing bold with a pinch of salt
and no bravado

And here's a list of food notes and truths:
- add greens to pasta for a health boost (and to trick your kids into eating them)--leave them in the colander after washing and dump pasta and boiling pasta water over the greens. Greens will cook and already be missed in to the pasta. Add salt and EVOO and a little parmesan and you have an awesome dinner.
- add sliced pre-cooked chicken or turkey sausage to any pasta or rice dish to add some quick protein (and salt and flavor) without a big fuss
- make summertime salads--add tuna (canned) or when grilling make extra meat to add to tomorrows salad. Make a big batch of salad on Sunday eat for lunches and dinners for at least 3 days. Who wants to cook in the summer? Not me. 
- make iced tea. I like decaf. Add hot tap water to tea bags in a pitcher. Put in fridge. It makes tea. Lazy people's tea.
- boil or roast beets (from the farmer's market--find the small sweet and multicolored beets--they are dirt cheap and super healthy and flavorful)--to cooked beets add basil, a little balsamic, and some goat cheese crumbles. Salt and pepper. Totally delish and beautiful side dish. Also great for parties. (People think that they hate beets. But they don't. They hate slimy canned beets left over from the 60s.) You can also add carrots and sweet potatoes (especially if you roast them--use EVOO and rosemary.)

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