Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bump the Brakes

I live on a busy-ish street that has cars parked on both sides, lots of dogs and people running and kids, all of which makes for frustration and awkward navigation. So, with the Clintonville hippies (who drive 5 mph and wave at every car on the road)  and the regular folks (who are in a hurry to get through the obstacle course of Acton Rd) there are some tensions. Some hand gestures, finger gestures, honking, and so on. We all try to be considerate while simultaneously getting where we need to go and getting out of the way for everyone else. It’s a challenge. Daily. (It will be a relief to move from this street. I dream of someplace quieter, more off the path, less traffic, less negotiation.)

Inspired by WikiHow:  and in an attempt to report good news, I have a good story to tell.

Today, I took my run and ran my nearly-overdue library books to the return box.  It was/is a beautiful morning. On the way home, I ran up the hill and then preformed my end-of-run routine, lunges, backwards running, etc. A car came up rather fast and I saw a squirrel sitting in the car’s path. The driver swerved to miss the rodent. Missed just by a hair or two, the squirrel dashed up a tree, laughing at the near miss. The car slowed, stopped, and reversed. The driver lowered his window, and I said, “You missed.” He laughed and said that he was thankful and that he should slow down and drive more carefully “around here.” I heartily agreed. It was a nice way to start the day. No death. A conscious in the making.

A little humanity, a little self-correction, a little admittance and responsibility, hell slow down a little—nice work, sir, nice work. 

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