Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Life Yoga

So, Balance.

The grind. It’s daily. Some days get too far away from me too fast. Yesterday it was one thing, today another.  And tomorrow will be all new but so strangely familiar—is it déjà vu? Probably not. Time for change? Probably.

Not looking for a new love. Not looking to start a family. I have those two huge, awesome chunks of life. So, how about a new job? OOOhhhh, even better, a whole new career? What do I want to do?

I am kicking around the tires in my mind. Please don’t go out and tell everyone that I am quitting my job—I’m not, just thinking about what else I want and how to get it. How to have a more satisfying worklife. I need to be more creative. It’s what I miss the most.  It’s about balance. Right now, my job is out of balance—too much technical, to much file management, not enough creativity. Who can fix that if not me?

Right. So…now what?  Write more. Chew more gum. Don’t smoke…not even a little. Find a way to write and make money.  Think about smoking, but don’t do it. Make my job better.

Make quinoa. 

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