Monday, October 22, 2012

I Fall to Pieces (Thank God I am a Good Cook)

So every few months the skin around my mouth gets all red and itchy and rashy and sometimes even blisters if I scratch it. It feels like a yeast infection on my face—all burny and itchy and gross. (Any kind of face rash makes me feel like an ogre, it's super unsexy.)

And, this "rash" usually occurs when I eat too much pasta or bread or drink too much beer--also most commonly at the change of the seasons. Do I have a gluten allergy? Or some kind of wheat or yeast “intolerance”?  I can be very intolerant so it wouldn’t be surprising.

I am off to see a dietician and a chiropractor and an herbalist in the next few weeks to find out what’s wrong with me. I'm hoping that I'll find some answers and get my body up and running again. So I can eat right for my body and take this weight off. Seriously people—I look like I ate myself twice or like I washed up on shore—major bloat.

I’m still not eating dairy or meat and that is helping but after a bread-waffle-pasta binge on Sunday, I noticed this rashy weird thing on my face plus my stomach was wowwowwubbzie, and I was making sad groaning noises and holding my belly like a child after Trick-or-Treat. Last night was brutal. Off to find some answers. Please stop offering me candy or bread or anything delicious with wheat, gluten or yeast in it--at least for now unless you want a reenactment of Sandra Bullock in Two Weeks Notice after she ate 3 chili dogs at the company tennis outing. 

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