Wednesday, November 7, 2012

And maybe if everything is quiet for awhile I can write and do yoga and read…

I think this every day. Then the day goes by super fast, hyper warp speed, much faster than a speeding bullet.

I am finally watching Walking Dead. Made it through the first 2 seasons (thank you Netflix)—it has that slightly hokey drama that LOST had---long shoots of someone’s face after overhearing some tidbit, or discovering two people together, oh wait, there's a zombie, dududun. But it makes me glad that there aren’t zombies walking around trying to eat our brains and every thing else. Zombies are boring too…nothing but mehhhhhhhhhhh meeeehhhhhhhhh mhhhhhhhh all the time. Bo-RING. But the show is fun. I like that whole, What would you do if?-end-of-the-world thing. Those shows that are all over the place right now. At first, when I heard about Walking Dead, I was like, “Wow, this will be a short-lived show. For how long can the world outrun zombie invasion.” And yet…it’s more of a survival show (like LOST and Survivor and Revolution, etc.) What would you and what wouldn’t you do to survive?  Hey, now, that is sounding more relevant, isn’t it?

Without money and “normal” ways of making money and getting food/medicine/love/happiness/shelter what would you do? Who of us are not in a similar place now with the economy and jobs and debt and bills and the future of our planet? What are you cutting back to get by?  What does it mean to get by? What about all the other stuff; the creating, and relaxing, and loving, and time for fun? It's no fun working so so hard just to barely get by. "get by" what? Get by one more day? Get by another week? Shwoo, we made it another week honey! That's fucking painful.  Where's all the joy? Where's all the life? Fun? Ever heard of it? 

Would you rather me talk about Zombies again? 

The best part about Walking Dead is no cell phone no computers no tv. They work and talk and run and fight and eat and sleep. That’s it. Do you know how much I would love to have one dinner, with one person without the cell phone/texting/email/justcheckingtoseewhoitis interruptions?  Can’t people just sit and eat and talk without checking email? What is wrong with us?

I do it too. And I do chide myself for it. Distraction is our new motto. We need to focus ourselves to get through this tough time. Focus and plan and make strategic moves, not panic and rush around doing stupid reactionary shit and constantly checking our phones.

Focus. Plan. Do. My lecture to myself. Sorry.

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