Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I should probably write something.

I voted. Voting is cool.  But. Politics are such a joke. Twiddle dumb or twiddle dumber. It always feels like a double or triple bind. I greatly dislike the social hypocrisy of the Republicans and find the democrats too invasive and poor money managers. There is no party for me to join (oh, what a pity--except the pity party, of course. Join me?) Now how indeed did that turn into a silly poem? Politics aside, now (and thank you once again candidates for killing our airwaves with total horseshit. We are so tired of hearing your rigmarole. It's the best part of the end of the election, radio silence until the next natural disaster/terrorist/school shooting.)

I had fun watching Haunted Honeymoon on Halloween night. D fell asleep. I laughed at Gene Wilder, who I love, despite my cooler self. Gene Wilder is lovely. Oh, and that Gilda Radnor. What a gal?

I think I will go on a Gene Wilder binge.  I bet they are all on Netflix.

I am still not eating anything. No dairy, no meat, no wheat, yeast or gluten, super reduced caffeine, no smokes. I feel like 100,000 times better. Fruit and vegetables rock. My skin is better. I feel lighter and less ill and have more mobility and better sleep and less exhaustion in the day time. Who needs a nap when you have vegetables?

The cold is breaking my stride. It has caught me off guard this year. I feel unprepared. It went from summer to winter. Yuck.

My daughter is amazing. She is learning Christmas carols. I am planning a great holiday for us. She will really like it--the lights and songs and tree and hoopla. The first time she will remember I bet. How cool is that?

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