Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Truths Inspired by a New Year

  1. Don’t stress about not sleeping. You can try again tomorrow. Eventually, you will sleep. In the meantime, read a good book or sew something.
  2. Overnight oats are so delicious. Thank you MH for the idea/recipe. Take oats (real, whole) and soak in milk of your choosing (cow, soy, coconut, almond.) Add stuff (cinnamon, cloves, honey, peanut butter, salt—always salt—chocolate chips, vanilla, almonds, hazelnut liqueur—the sky’s the limit) and refrigerate overnight. Eat cold or hot. Overnight oats = happiness
  3. Change you life. Change your perspective. Change your mind. Unhappiness and complaining is tedious to hear, whether it’s you saying/thinking those thoughts or someone else. If you have time to complain about it, you have time to change.
  4.  Little things count in heavy ways. All day we have choices to make. Make a few good, thoughtful choices today. Make a few more tomorrow, and so on. Start small. Give thanks. Tell people that you are thankful for them. Lift someone up (in a big or small way) and you will feel better.
  5. Start small. Chose one concrete thing to do. Action. Take action. Read the Happiness Project if you don’t believe me. I didn’t l.o.v.e. that book but I did appreciate how the author broken down the areas of our lives that make up happiness (just life really, like family, work, energy, etc.) and made concrete, actionable ways to make each of those areas in her life better (i.e., getting more happiness.)  
  6. We can all survive and have a good life with a little less stuff and a little less money. It hurts to give up stuff and money sometimes. But there are so many good, free things in life. More stuff does not equal happiness. So is it possible that the opposite is true? Just thinking about it. That's all. 

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