Friday, February 22, 2013

Truths, and Wishes


- taco night is always fun. Doesn't matter what you put in them there tacos, just make them already. Make fresh simple guacamole: avocados, finely diced onion, fresh lime juice, salt, cilantro, black pepper. Buy some good salsa (until summer, then make it), some cabbage, shredded carrots, or lettuce for fiber/crunch, taco shells or tortillas or both--then fill with whatever you want. Last night was black beans, rice, and taco-seasoned veggies--sometimes I make meat for D, or use leftover roasted chicken, and sometimes I just eat cabbage, salsa, guacamole tacos--just make them.

-my favorite hot "sauce" for taco night: mince a jalapeƱo super tiny, squeeze 1/4 of a lime, salt, minced cilantro--refrigerate for an hour (if you can)--this makes like 2 tablespoons, but it's good and hot but not like awful, just good

- when using oil and salt to coat meat, or potatoes, or veg or whatever, use that mess of oil and salt to exfoliate your hands--grind that stuff into your hands really good and you can skip your manicure that week. (My husband asks me to do this for his hands like once a week now. Not that he has ever had a manicure, but you know, the winter makes your hands awful.)

- I wish cilantro was stemless. Cilantro stems are so bitter and the leaves are so deliciously soapy. Such a pain...usually worth it. I do the whole bunch at once, then store in a zipper baggie with a paper towel.

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