Friday, April 12, 2013

Country Singer, aka Coal Miner's Daughter

For the last three days I just want to listen to Beck. And sometimes (in the last 3 days I’ve wanted to listen to Beck and) smoke and drink. Pot and/or cigarettes, bourbon and/or wine and/or water, I want to sit in the sun and/or rain and listen to Beck. And be quiet and alone with Beck and think. I am a grown-up so I don’t do this, just want to real, real bad.

Beck is easily my favorite solo artist (although he arguably has never been a “solo” artist with all of is samples and thievery and collaborations but that is semantics. He has a solo artist’s soul, vision, and drive. He makes music to make himself happy or to indulge whatever horror he’s just lived through.) He is great. And unlike a lot of artists that make music all over the place—Beck’s music is always good—no matter if it’s country or pop or alt or emo or dance—it’s always good.

Here are some of my favorite Beck songs—
The new one:

The only song with “Heather” in it (that doesn’t suck):

My favorite for the last year and a half or so (in love):

The country boy:

One more:

So, I want to make music and be fearless like Beck. I don’t want to copy him. I just want to learn to play guitar (better) and make songs that make me happy. 

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