Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Knowing that Someday My Daughter Will Get Stung by a Bee

I'm sure that we get at least one life. This one. After that, before that, I'm not sure. Ask someone else. Given that we get this one life, what really matters in it?

Friends, family, sustenance; what about creating?  Is it just human vanity to think that we should leave our mark on the world, do something important, and create something that matters? 

Days go on and go by and I read and write and talk (a lot) and think and watch and walk and do things.   But how is that leaving my mark?  

My daughter matters (the most). She is how I create a better world. She is my mark. I will nurture her, and teach her to laugh, and to love with both hands, and fail, and succeed, and how to get hurt and heal up again. And all the rest of my “work” is gravy. She is perfect (just the way she is.)

Maybe I will write or say something that will help someone through a tough spot someday. For all of my words, that’s the best I can hope for, for my words to find a home, to soothe listening ears; I hope that I’ll say something that matters, that helps, that makes it better.

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