Monday, May 13, 2013

Too Many Books to Read

Ok, look, I have 118 books on my to-read list and that doesn't include the 5 books in my car that I borrowed from the library and have to now return and haven't read (or haven't finished reading) that I need to add to the list.

I remember some writing teacher or writer telling me that books found you when you were ready for them--some kind of kismet thing. And I would like to think that--in some way it makes sense--we tend to be drawn to the things we want/need to hear/know in the moment. But what, if we go by book kismet, are the book gods trying to tell me? That I need to read nothing? Am I so well-read? That I only have time to read the list of books I want to read and not the books themselves?

I want to read a book (or more like 118 books). I used to read 2 to 3 books/week, now it's like 0 to 1/month. Boo. Chalk this up as another thing that changes when you have a kid. No time to read.

Sad face. Violin.

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