Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Would a Rose Smell as Sweet?

My grandmother’s name was Ruth Hope. My grandfather called her Ruthie most of the time. She was also known as Mom (by her three youngest children), and her oldest, my Uncle John, called her Mama. By the older grandchildren she was called Grandma, and called Gammy by me and my nearby cousins (the younger grandkids). I’m sure my grandfather had lots of pet names for her—those run deeply through our family—but I don’t know what their private lovers-in-love names were for each other and it doesn’t matter except to say that they we in love and that my grandmother had many names.

My grandfather’s name is John Logan. Called Johnny sometimes by my grandmother, but she usually called him John, and called Johnny by his little sister Grace (Gracie.) We all call him Pappy or Pappy Boy or Pap. He will answer to Grandpa as well, but no one calls him Grandfather.

My mother’s name is Melanie Beth, but she’s goes by Beth and never Melanie except for tax forms and her driver’s license. She is called Mom, but usually Mama and once was called Mommy—until I was about 10 or so. She is called Ga-Ga, Grandma, and Grandma Beth by my daughter—and versions of those words as Little S learns to speak more clearly. In the family, my mom is called Bethie Sue, Taddy Lincoln, Sister Cotton, Suzie, Sissie, and was called Bethie by a Jewish boyfriend named Ron.

My name is Heather Noel. My family nicknames are Heddy, Heddy Lou, Hedvik, Hookie Pookie, HeatherHoney (one word). My other non-family nicknames are H-bomb, H-town, H-dog, Sebring, Seb, and there’s just H. I once had a co-worker that called me “Cap” as a diminutive for Captain—and that was certainly the most fun and sort of random nickname. My husband usually calls me Babe or Baby. But mostly people call me Heather.

My daughter is Sylvia Elizabeth. She is called Sylvia and:
Pumpkin Pie
Spicy Spicerson
Saucy Sacuerson
Small Fry
Little Miss S
These were her nicknames when she was little/r:
Barnabus, Stinky, Cuddles the Baby, Monkey, Monkey Face, Monkey Butt,  Big Baby, Baby Head Face, Baby Monster, Little Dentist (thank you AG), Sunshine, Sunshine Face, Sunny Butt, Wild One, Wild Baby Monster

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