Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Plague, Love & Death, and Other BS (As If You Needed Another Pep Talk?!?!?)

There was a man who lived on my street (at 543) and he was old and kind and waved to me every day. He sold his car. Then, his son came to stay with him on weekends. Now his house is empty and for sale. I know he’s not coming back. But I just wanted to send a little shout out to him (whoever he was) and I hope he finds comfort in the afterlife and rests in peace.

We can’t avoid the reaper.

Yesterday, I saw my neighbor Charlotte and said, “Hi Charlotte, how are you?” Pretty typical conversation. Charlotte said, “Hanging in there, I guess.”  I just smiled and didn’t ask…not touching that sad sack of an answer with a 20 foot pole. Eeyores everywhere, man. 

How grim…how fucking awful. This is our only life—that we know of—and even if there is a great beyond, this is my reality now, my consciousness is here, now, I owe this life my attention. I don’t want to hang onto my life. I want to caress my life, brutalize my life, love my life, fight with myself, kick my life around, feel things big and small and not just suffer through it, not just grab on and hang in there. My life isn’t taking me for a ride…I’m here too, right? Is it not my life? I am driving. 

Just like happiness is a choice, so is how you live your life. Choose to live it. Don’t let it drag you around. Don't be a fucking Eeyore. 

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