Saturday, November 23, 2013

Bad Blogger, Good Writer

To be a good blogger, means that you commit to write 2-3 blog posts per week and if you can't commit to that, good bloggers write at least one post every week on the same day. That's the magic formula to building (and keeping) a reader base. 

I'm a bad blogger. I'm okay with that. Sorry to you folks who wish I wrote more blogs (if there are any of you out there.)

I'm writing a novel and it's kicking my ass. I have very little time to write or blog, but please know that I love you, or at least like and appreciate you. 

Here's a juicy nugget of food truth: roasted butternut squash pureed with stock and cream (and nutmeg, a little cinnamon, S&P, and crushed red pepper) makes the best pasta sauce ever. It's creamy and rich and sweet, and a little spicy. Totally awesome fall flavors. 

Go make that. Then come back and maybe I'll have written another post. One can dream. xx

Sunday, November 10, 2013

(Not?) Writing Again (sigh)

I am writing again. It's just as awful as I remember it.

I am back to my old tricks (procrastination, writing blog, reading your blogs, tweeting, fb-ing, looking up people that I met once at a bar in NYC on facebook, not finding them, or worse, finding them and looking at all their public pictures and inventing their lives now, and wishing I could talk to you or you or the other you. Call me? I will probably answer. Procrastinator.)

I think procrastination is just part of the writing process. I will add it in there the next time some kid asks me how to be a writer--hey kid, have good hobbies and friends that stay up all night because you will need stuff to do when you're avoiding writing. Otherwise, it's easy. Just write.

I even bought a new computer to write on. Can you see my dedication?  Lalala.