Sunday, November 10, 2013

(Not?) Writing Again (sigh)

I am writing again. It's just as awful as I remember it.

I am back to my old tricks (procrastination, writing blog, reading your blogs, tweeting, fb-ing, looking up people that I met once at a bar in NYC on facebook, not finding them, or worse, finding them and looking at all their public pictures and inventing their lives now, and wishing I could talk to you or you or the other you. Call me? I will probably answer. Procrastinator.)

I think procrastination is just part of the writing process. I will add it in there the next time some kid asks me how to be a writer--hey kid, have good hobbies and friends that stay up all night because you will need stuff to do when you're avoiding writing. Otherwise, it's easy. Just write.

I even bought a new computer to write on. Can you see my dedication?  Lalala.

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