Saturday, December 28, 2013

Where the Sidewalk Ends (A Figure of Speech)

There is a day that you know. That day is today. It’s very much like running on a path and knowing that the sidewalk will end. You will have to make a choice. You can anticipate it.  In one and a half blocks, equivalent to 9 pre-fabricated concrete slabs, once I’ve stepped over 413 cracks, 4 twigs, and handful of leaves, the sidewalk will end, and I will have to make my choice.  Should I run in the street? Or in the grass? Should I cross?  Is it better on the other side?

If I slow down now, can I have more time to think it over?   Will more time change my decision?  Here it comes.

Metaphor. Simile.  A Figure of Speech. An allegory.

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