Monday, March 18, 2013

15 Albums (from 2009 FB--will revisit)

The list below are 15 albums that have had a profound effect on my life and love of music. The albums are NOT my 15 desert island records (yes, that is a different list.) 

1. Stevie Wonder, Intervisions 
2. Otis Redding, The Immortal Otis Redding 
3. Violent Femmes, Violent Femmes 
4. The Cure, Standing on the Beach/Staring at the Sea 
5. Guns-n-Roses, Appetite for Destruction 
6. Fugazi, Repeater + 3 Songs 
7. The Flaming Lips, The Soft Bulletin 
8. Nirvana, Incesticide 
9. PJ Harvey, Rid of Me 
10. Liz Phair, Exile in Guyville 
11. Elliott Smith, Roman Candle 
12. Ani Difranco, Dilate 
13. De La Soul, Buhloone Mindstate 
14. Fugees, The Score 
15. Amy Winehouse, Back to Black 

25 Random Things About Me (from the archives 2009--will revisit)

25 Random Things about Me

 Tuesday, February 10, 2009 at 11:00am
25. The phrases "That dog won't hunt" and "Do what now?" crack me up.
24. Today, I am adopting a cat named Addison.
23. My last cat was the greatest. He has been dead for a year now and I miss him. Long live the memory of Sid Vicious Sebring!
22. I want to start a website.
21. Ginger root makes me very happy. I love the smell, the taste, the way it looks—all gnarly and smooth at the same time. I drink ginger tea daily.
20. Very often I am disappointed by live music. I don’t go to as many live shows as I used to because of this disappointment. That and my bedtime is 9:30.
19. My favorite place is my home.
18. My second favorite place is the beach.
17. Third favorite is Brooklyn, NY.
16. I have never been to a holocaust museum and that makes me feel guilty.
15. I have been to the Columbus Museum of Art and that also makes me feel guilty.
14. I drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. I was once deemed “the most well-hydrated person” in the world.
13. Within the last year, I became a gardener. I got very sad in the late fall because my garden was dying. (And I am so so freaking excited for spring and planting!)
12. Slayer rocks.
11. I dream about living in Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, and Fiji even though I have never been to these places.
10. Ruth Hope Fisher was the most beautiful woman in the world. I think about her every day. (She would be proud that I correctly used “every day” and not the adjective “everyday.”)
9. I am a nerd. I’m okay with that.
8. Let’s stockpile cases of wine and grain for the impending economic doom that faces our nation. I believe that the economic trouble that’s coming/here might be a good thing for the soul of our people. I want to remember what is really important in life...and wine is up there.
7. South Park is lame. So is The Office. I also don’t get porn, Grey’s Anatomy, or Pop Rocks! candy.
6. Being engaged is really cool. I recommend it. (No, we have not set an official date yet. Sometime in spring of 2010?)
5. No Reservations is my favorite show. I like cable. I also like Top Chef.
4. I wish people would cook for me more often. I love to cook and love to cook for my friends and Dave and to eat out and all that but I wish people would cook more for me too. Get with it peeps!
3. I almost asked a friend to proof-read this even though I am an editor. Honestly, I am a tired editor—I read 268 confirming proof pages already today. Occasionally making typographical errors makes me feel human (instead of incompetent.)
2. I wonder how this list would have been different two years ago or ten months from now.
1. Having a wedding terrifies me. Being married doesn’t. 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

This is stuck in my head

Then there's this song that I've been singing to S since she was in utero and now she requests it in the car--she calls it the mama song: