Thursday, April 10, 2014

For S: Light and Silly Poetic Wax, or Syrup (Something Fun for National Poetry Month)

My Bug (A-Boo, AAAAHHhhhhchooo, Bless You)

Buds, and blooms, and you
streaky blond in your eyes
hiding from the sun
We danced, we sang, we laughed, we chortled
and it was mostly fun

I write in rhymes for you, my dear
so you can understand
what it takes to be a mother
and your biggest fan

You can scorn and punch and push
(please, don't)
but I will never tarry
to scoop you up into my arms to kiss, tickle, and carry

You, my blond, sun-kissed dove
are never to big for my big love
I will always be near,
even when I'm not right here
(that I stole from the Llama Llamas)
for I am, always and forever, your loving mama.

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