Monday, April 21, 2014

Truth: Avocado Olive Linguine

Some people are weirded out by the thought of hot avocados. And I admit that you have to try it, and try it done right, to get the deliciousness. So here, try this:

High-quality EVOO, a good glugg or two--enough to coat mixture and pasta
Green olives, nice handful
Avocados, ripe (still firm to the touch), 1 or 2 (or 3)
Garlic, couple cloves, fresh, sliced (not minced)
Salmon, chicken, tuna, or shrimp (best if leftover from grilling the night before), optional & only if on hand
Red pepper flakes, optional
Parmesan, optional

1. Preheat oven low 275 degrees (or so.)
2. Boil water for pasta, add salt. Once boiling, cook pasta to taste.
3. While the water is boiling, slice garlic into an oven-safe pan, add high-quality EVOO, and a pinch of salt. (I usually use a glass bowl or baking dish.)
4. In garlic and EVOO, slice in green olives, slice in avocado (thin), place in oven.  Heat through (do not bake or cook or boil--just get good & hot.)
5. Drain pasta quickly--keep wet. Avocados should be heated all the way through at this point, if so, remove from the oven and toss the pasta is the olive oily goodness. Salt & pepper to taste. I always add red pepper flakes to my dish.

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