Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I Want a Perfect Body, I Want a Perfect Soul

The light. It's the light that brings her back. The light, soft, warm, the sun's light, and the air. She can feel the air on her bare arms and legs, and the light that makes her eyelids fire pink on the inside.

"Wake up, Love, wake up." It's James. "How is it that you are so beautiful when you sleep?  God is unfair," with a gentle nudge of his sneaker.

Lydia smiles before she opens her eyes. "Where are the dogs?"

"On a walk with the Misses, I suppose." [nudging again] "Did you sleep here all night?" [Motions to the pool and deck.]

"Not all night, Jamie, just this morning--there were birds. Dale with his stories and dancing and all the kissing." [Lydia pushes herself to elbows, and then seated, sighs. She stretches, smiling and yawning.] "It might be love. And if we're married, will I still sleep in the yard?"

"Well, my dear, that all depends on if Dale will let you. Once you're his wife, he's the boss, not me. Now get up."

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