Monday, June 16, 2014

Detox Week Diary

My Detox Rules: little to no cheese, no meat, no coffee/caffeine, no alcohol, no tobacco---variations on sugar, salt, and junk food will follow.

Day 1: Monday, June 16  "Oh, day one, you minx." Instead of a true detox it's more of a trade.

Trade # 1: no coffee this morning. By 9am I was getting that headache that you get when you detox. I made a green tea (with caffeine) but only one small, weak cup. Wean, not whole turkey for me baby. I missed my 3 cups of black, superior coffee but it will be easier tomorrow.

Trade #2: Ate my weight in chocolate today. Craving sugar from wine/booze. So, I traded those things for chocolate. Lots of it.

Other questionable food choices made to curb the cravings:
Dark chocolate covered cherries, 20 pieces (thanks RW for leaving those)
Nutella & egg brownies, 1/2 pan
Tatertots, 10 tots
Cheese, epic fail, I know, but I ate 2 slices of swiss on toasted rye with sliced cucumber, onion, and mayo (vegan) and it was good!!!!

Awesome food I ate today for health and strength:
Kohlrabi, beet, & turnip slaw with lemon & herbs
Greek yogurt with garlic, herbs, salt, pepper, & EVOO
Market strawberries
Overnight oatmeal, with extra cinnamon & almond milk

Brain: foggy--I said "specifical" to my boss. That is not a word.
Body: sluggish, weak, heavy


Day 2: Tuesday, June 17 
Hiked a few miles this morning, helped curb the caffeine withdrawal.

Ate some chocolate to curb the booze & rich food cravings.

Ate some awesome homemade salsas and guacamole. Started detox tea twice a day.

Overall: less foggy
Brain: slow but working well after exercise
Body: exhausted. Went to bed at 9:30.

Detox is hard on the body. It is lots of work to get all that garbage out. I am super pooped without sugar, alcohol, and caffeine. I'm ready to level out.

Day 3: Wednesday, June 18
Went for an early morning run. Got some good detox sweats in. That sweat was flowing like rain.

Body: I stink less today. Yesterday I was ripe, man, I swear. Detox gets rid of all that nasty garbage in your body and that garbage smells, a lot.  Less exhausted too. Although I went to bed at 10 still. Being good is hard work.
Brain: brain is off today. I think I am going through withdrawal for real. My brain feels thick, muscular. When I need to think, I can feel the muscles straining against the angst of coffee heartbreak.

SIDEBAR: For the last month, I have been drinking and eating and smoking everything.  Coffee to wake up, then another cup or two. A cigarette here a cigarette there, I will smoke whatever you hand me, for real. Then drinking a glass or two of wine each night, plus the drunk "vacation" week, with booze and cocktails and beers. My motto: drink coffee until it's time for wine. END SIDEBAR

Overall: more focused. Still completely craving coffee (more than booze at this point.) Eating cherries (not chocolate covered) today instead of candy.

Looking forward to Sunday.

Made and ate fantastic homemade hummus from Yotem Ottolenghi's Jerusalem cookbook.

Made big salads and from-my-garden fresh pesto pasta with herbs and avocado. Dinner was wonderful.

Day 4: Thursday, June 19
Overall: I was a little bit depressed today, a bit emotional. The lack of chemicals from drugs and the waning cravings, made me edgy and cagey and antsy. I couldn't figure out what I wanted. I opened the fridge 10 times and ate nothing. Finally, I defrosted some amazing chick pea & cauliflower soup that I made last week and ate it all--like 4 bowls of goodness. That was what I ate all day.

As the end wore on, I felt more grounded and peaceful. RW came for Writing Club and we walked and talked and wrote. All of it was good. (Writing a new short story. Maybe it's a crime/mystery? Maybe not.)

Day 5: Friday, June 20
Today is the first day that I am not craving coffee or sweets. OMG! I also don't have a headache. I hiked a few miles this morning. This is what I saw

My sweat is clean, not sticky, doesn't smell. I feel very good--strong, clean, better.

The weekend is coming. My detox ends with friends and Sunday night dinner. I'm looking forward to it, but a bit nervous about re-introducing alcohol into my diet. Alcohol & coffee are the two hardest tricks to kick. Both more habitual than addictive for me--habits are hard to break.

Maybe this is the new me, the one who rarely drinks, the woman who feels better and doesn't need wine or coffee to live.

Day 6: Saturday, June 20
I had concerns that going to the market and being home in weekend mode would make me want coffee like crazy but today I felt great. I keep my morning ritual of walking to the farmer's market. Walked back to the Arts Festival with my family too.

I do still have more of a sweet tooth. Ate some dark chocolate oatmeal Kashi cookies and some tart cherries to curb. Maybe I should make cookies?

What's more evil, cookies or alcohol?

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