Saturday, June 21, 2014

The First Woodswoman

Last week in the woods, I saw two snakes. Flexing and curling their fascinating muscularity through the brush and brambles of the woods. I prefer to see two snakes over one. Whenever I see one snake, I feel like Eve about to make the choice all over again. Original sin for all mankind weighing down my shoulders like a fat, older child. Don't you think Eve was made to have free will and that choosing sin was what god expected? Wasn't it necessary for the rest of the story? Without Eve, Cain and Able would be dull. There would be no Goliath, no conflict, no sin.

What would have happened to us if Eve had been a good girl and said, "No, thank you." to that snake? Don't you learn by making mistakes? People are interesting because they are not perfect, because they struggle. We are interesting and human because we are tempted by sins and salvation daily. How human would we be without Eve?

Pleasant, happy stories are boring. Maybe Eve was a little bored in Eden with Adam. She stole his rib and then got antsy with the same old trees and songs and hand-holding, she needed some drama. That snake was an opportunist, I 'll give you that, but Eve was as ripe as the fruit of that forbidden tree; she was ready for the snake, maybe even hoping for him. "Let's shake this place up a bit." Chomp.

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