Saturday, August 9, 2014

Life Is Lifelike: Having It All

I have it all.

Having it all, means compromising all of it. Having it all means dividing it and slicing it up into small and smaller pieces. Why do we work so much? To pay for what? Cars, clothes, nice gadgets? Are we still trying to keep up with the now antiquated American dream?

We need a new dream. A dream that doesn't include a mortgage that we can't afford, working 60 hours a week to have more stuff to fill in that mortgage while starving our loved ones from showers of time, adoration, support, patience, attention that they need, starving ourselves from bubblebaths and quality time and self-fulfillment and time, really, starving ourselves from the time that we need to give to others and the time we need to give to ourselves.

I have it all and I'm ready to give some of it back. I want less stuff and more time. I want to work less and write more. I want to have more time not money. The scale is unbalanced. Time to get some of that levity that I like so well and ditch some of this gravitas somewhere. Anyone need some gravitas?

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