Monday, August 4, 2014

To My Daughter (Voice Memo while Driving)


My mind has always been sound.

The decisions that I make throughout my life are about me and you and all the things that I want for you.

I'm going to continue to be a writer. I'm going to complete some things and send them out. If I think about the type of person I want to be, and about how I want you to see me and to see women, I want you to see me doing something challenging but that I love. And my job right now is not those things. It's challenging but I don't love it. It's a way to make ends meet. There is not a lot of dream in it.

I want you to understand that if you dream something, you can make it happen. I want to show you that in my life--to show you that I have always wanted to be a writer and that I will work hard enough to be one. It's time for me to do that for myself and for you.

So, you know, daddy and I go through a lot of things and you see us and we talk and we have work & frustrations and our lives, and in some ways your dad and I are always trying to provide financially to have a nice place to live and safe cars to drive around and cute clothes for you to wear and toys for you to play with and all the things that equal in some ways (in our modern and lame society) a stable and secure childhood.

We want you to have those things but they are just things. I do believe that you having a mother who loves what she does and is happy and satisfied with working hard to do something that I'm passionate about, that I believe in, that I've been waiting to do for a long time, I think you having parents like that instead of cute dresses is really important.

We will take some financial hits here, babe, but it's okay. You will have everything you need and you will have parents that are self-satisfied and that are strong and can show you how to do what you want and how to love yourself the way that we love you.

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