Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Autumn is here. I saw it today leaching the juice out of the trees and flowers. Everything felt dustier, felt dry; summer's succulence is gone. Leaves are falling, turning the forest floor into crunchy dander. The long nights and wind are coming. I need to protect myself from the winter with teas, tinctures, and oils. I need a new hoodie and more blankets. I need to hide. 

I can't even think it.



  1. Funny...I feel that way when summer hits here. Autumn is dessert.

  2. A number of fashion forward Snuggies are available at a reasonable price at Wal-Mart...
    While at Wal-Mart...pick up a pumpkin spice, crisp autumn leaves, and mulled cider candles. Burn em' up...
    Make stuff outta' construction paper with the little lady, pilgrims & jack-o-lanterns & shit...
    Bike the Little Miami Trail between Springfield & Yellow Springs while the leaves are changing...
    Go exploring for leaves with the little lady at a metro park, take the leaves to Kinkos & laminate them, and then leave without paying for a damn thing because only people named Jeff that drive the speed limit pay for laminates at Kinkos, then three hole punch the laminates & throw em' in a three ring...
    Go to the Kroger on Sawmill Rd. (Powell), go into the liquor store department & get a bottle of Everclear, grab a bottle of apple cider and goldschlager on the way out, go to the campgrounds at Alum Creek & howl "SAMHAIN!" at the f@! $^/g moon...
    Fall is rad.
    It's going to be OK.

  3. You are both right. I shouldn't complain--fall is beautiful here. But I remember last winter and I get scared. Scared of the vortex.

    Thanks for reading.