Monday, October 20, 2014


There was an episode of The Outer Limits called "The Beholder."

The story is about a man who was blind. He had surgery that corrected his sight. In the healing process, he saw a ghostly woman who was lost and wanted to go home to her planet (this was the Outer Limits, remember that.) Along with his sight, the man had newly found extra powers of perception and not only could see the woman, but could talk with her. They talked very deeply and started to fall in love.

The man's doctors and the scientists that corrected his eyesight realized that he was communing with this woman from another world and they wanted to capture her and experiment on her. (Typical, no?) The scientists built a magnetic force field to trap her. The man fought to set her free, to save her; and in the battle he destroyed the drug that helped him regain and keep his eyesight.


He saved his love and lost his vision. Even though he was blind again, he could always feel her near him. The episode ends with the man, blind, in a lecture hall after class, reaching his hand out to grasp hers.

Connected. Love. Beauty.

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