Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Final Countdown

This is the end.

The beginning was nothing like this. In the beginning there was sunshine, and warm air, and a light of some kind. The beginning was slow and easy, a quiet space among angry, raging storms.  A safety, a harbor, a place for protection from the blistering rains.  The beginning was like that.

It was in reaction to the violence of storms, reaction to being beaten, broken and bruised, soaked, and sloshed around, that I needed a warmer, drier place to hide. I hid in the beginning. Drunk in the warm heat, the light. Dried myself off. Laughed a little at the storm, even though it scared me.  

“I’m good. I’m going to be all right.”

The warmth drying out my clothes, my hair, making me feel the chill left on my skin. Wrap the blanket tighter. 

“Is it okay to sit here for a little while? Are you in a hurry to go? My socks are not yet dry and this tea is cooling down."


After a time, the safety became normal. The storms passed. I was less scared. Sometimes a pot falling on the floor is just a pot falling on the floor. Clumsy me. The quiet stayed. It was still warm. It was never hot. The days came one after another. Clouds collected and rains came, but not the thunderheads that I’d become used to. 

“Thank you for the tea and blanket and for drying my socks. I feel better now, don’t you?”

I went outside and looked at the sky. I saw blue and bright. Life, movement, color, music. Yes. A long summer will give this a new perspective. "Let’s go swimming." I wasn’t afraid of drowning anymore.  The sun baked heat into my bones.

“This is the life.”

The cicadas started, quiet at first, then loud and louder. The heat swished and swelled and spilled over, covering the floors and grass and sidewalks with an electric blanket.

“Remember when you were so cold? Remember that now.” 

“I don’t want to.”

From your words a touch of coolness fingered its way into the sun-kissed air. The wind came slowly at first. A few kite days worth of gusts still blessed by warmth. I could see the gloom growing, waiting.  

In one long blink and the end came. I turned my back to face the sun and get that last strand of light and warmth on my skin.  The dark clouds collected behind me.  

"Now we’ve got you."

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