Tuesday, December 9, 2014

She's On A Tear

Seventeen months and 27 days.  [file that; put a pin in that data, ok? good.]

Last year for New Year's I wrote this beautiful blog post about myths and sins of the father & mother and how, I, as the mother now, can give my daughter solid family myths that will help her succeed. [For time travel, click here.]

Without articulating my own resolutions for 2014, I made some major decrees in my head and those never made it into the blogosphere in one specific entry, but were sprinkled all over the damn place like S's holiday glitter (There is a metric asston of glitter that accompanies a 4-year-old girl any time of year, but at Christmas the glitter multiplies exponentially. S may even shit glitter. I'm pretty sure that's where glitter comes from. Just saying'.)

As 2013 ended and 2014 began, I wanted to play guitar and become more physically fit--lose weight, gain muscle, run faster, etc. I think this is the first year ever that I met my own resolutions. I can't play guitar well…still hacking away like a 13 year old, but I do it. Nor am I competing in the Arnold Classic this year, but I'm 200% stronger than I was last year. I crush it at the gym. I've lost 25 pounds, many inches, dress sizes etc. I feel stronger, healthier, faster, more awesome physically.

Look at me! I did something that I said I wanted to do. I'm proud of myself because talk is cheap, yo. And I talk a lot. I say all kinds of things that I want to learn, do, become. It's hard to take action when I'm so busy yapping.

It's good to talk about things, to smooth out the divots in your mind. To clean out the past, the cobwebs, the ruts and grooves--it's good to work through things. But if you're going through hell, or any strife, keep going. Don't pause too long in hell. You're in it, get through it, and move on.

My resolution this year is not quite set--not 100% gelled in my nugget, but it will include specific action items. I want to do more and talk less. Don't worry, I will still pour my broken heart and wry humor all over this blog--we all need outlets, n'est pas?--but I want to focus on doing, not talking.

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