Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 Resolutions: Do You Know Anyone More Resolute?

Although I feel obligated to create resolutions in the new year, the truth is that I like giving myself challenges. Last year, I met my resolutions.

2015 is all about doing more things that are scary and safe. It's time for me to go out on some limbs in life--to shake/wake myself up.

Here goes:
1. Take a spinning class (6 weeks)
2. Finish book of poetry and send out for publication.
3. Finish the Adena Brook story/ies and send for publication.
4. Learn to dance. Partner dancing is a lost art and I suck at being led.
5. Play 4 open mics (gulp)

And a few totally not scary & very safe resolutions:
6. Eat a green salad or drink green juice every day.
7. 100% quit smoking (I need to quit trying to quit and give it up, girl!) I know I don't smoke that much but then why do it at all? (She asks herself.)
8. Finish moth tattoo.
9. Learn new jokes.

I thought about adding teetotaling and celibacy to this list but instead I vow to imbibe high-end booze and have awesome sex instead, always asking, "Is it worth the calories? Is it delicious?" Life is too short for mediocre liquor. Life is too short for mediocre sex. To a Top Shelf 2015.

(The all-or-nothing concept doesn't always work in practice, but I think when it comes to sex & sin, it's a good idea to have some standards. Good booze is expensive. It will force me to drink less and enjoy it more. Repeat the same thinking for sex. Less is more. Quality over quantity.)

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