Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Universal Somethings (Meant to Post Last Week)

Without being bleak let me remind you (speaking to myself here) that there's a way in which we all live and die alone.

Oh okay H, here we go. 

How is that not bleak? 

Well, dear me (oh me, oh my) it's because it's true. No other human can give a life or death much comfort if you're uncomfortable with yourself. 

The moon or planets or God or goddesses are tweaking all the energies in the world right now. (Mid-script: I know, as fact, that I'm not the only one feeling the seismic shifts in this moment.)

And, (full stop.) in this shift, the stronger I hold on to all the things about myself and about you that I thought I KNEW, as fact, the more I grasp onto the rope that holds my life together, the more the rope burns. 

My IQ is killing me here. 

I want to keep it simple. I make it all too hard for myself. 

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