Monday, February 15, 2016

Strengthening Into the Back Body

I'm being called back to yoga. It started on a trip last week to Virginia. I lucked into a really good level 2 Hatha class at the local Charlottesville athletic club a few blocks from my hotel. The class was challenging and fun and, most importantly, made me forget about my troubles, stresses, work schedule, conferences, all of it. I was so focused on being in the poses, in my breath, in my body--so focused on movements and stillness, balance and release--on being back on the mat, that I missed a meeting. In my post-yoga glow, I took a long hot shower and went for beer and lunch. What meeting? 

Is it crazy that I forgot that really good yoga is sometimes better than really good sex? 

After the class I felt focused, bright, aerated. The next day I was still reaping benefits--better sleep, lighter body, better alignment, more attention span. Why did I quit doing yoga?

I don't remember feeling this good from yoga ever. I've been practicing off and on for 20 years. Sometimes for health or easing back into some fitness routine after periods of bodily trauma (birth) or long sabbaticals from movement (bartending & partying). 

It's the first time in all of those cycles of practice and backsliding and practice, that yoga has had this effect on my mind and body. This time is the first time that I've had an OM moment where I want to be on the mat every day. I want to read and learn and ready my body for the transformation. I want more twists and more knowledge about what the twists touch inside as well as out. Which of my organs are being wretched and released now? I want to know. 

Teacher training is calling me. 

I've talked and thought about it a number of times, but it was more of a fantasy and never felt like something that I really wanted to do.... 

Can an ex-bartending, ex-smoking, ex-badass, ex-hooker become a yogi without transforming into the complete dippy-hippy fae creature? Will I float away?  (Wouldn't you freaking shit if I did float away? I'm LOLing right now.) 

Let's find out. We shall. 

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